Home Booty Workout


November 17, 2012 by Katie

While reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blog, he reminds me that training for 15 minutes a day, is only 1% of your day. Kinda makes you feel like a piece of shit for not training, right? Well, it motivated me. So, here is a workout for that 1% of your day. Get it done, I promise you’ll feel better afterwards. Much better.

25 Glute Bridges

25 Squats

4 Rounds

Then Complete:

4x100m Hill or Flat SprintsΒ 

Rest 1 minute in between sprints to allow for recovery and maximum intensity.


2 thoughts on “Home Booty Workout

  1. Dakota Coleman says:

    Um that’s my friends ass with pink underwear she did not give you permission to have that and how did you get it

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