How to Maximize Glute Activation


November 22, 2012 by Katie

Before I dive into booty exercises, you need to stretch out your hip flexors. 

Stretch Here

Stretch Here

This is important because one of the glutes main jobs is to extend your hip. If your hip extension is limited or restricted by tight tissues, you cannot fully activate your glutes. Tight hip flexors means shut off butt muscles.

I can guarantee that most, if not all of you out there have tight hips. If you sit for long periods of the day, then you most definitely have tight tissues that need to be addressed.

Again, because it’s so important: Stretch out the front of your hips, so you can maximize hip extension, allowing your glutes to fire at their full potential.

Fully Activated Glutes

Fully Activated Glutes

Below are two of my favorite hip flexor stretches. I recommend you do these before your training sessions or after a long day of sitting:

The Couch Stretch– developed by Kelly Starrett

Start Position

Start in this position, with both knees on the ground.

First Stretch Position

Next, snug one knee up to the wall while the other remains on the ground. If you feel a deep stretch in this position, then remain here until you gain enough flexibility to move onto the next sequence.


Keeping your rear leg snug against the wall, kick your other leg out to and slightly off to the side. Make sure you protect your front knee, by keeping it behind your front foot. Drive through your heel and keep your abs braced. If you want a deeper stretch, then go onto the next variation below.

Final Position

This is the final position and the hardest variation of this sequence. The torso should be upright and your rear glute should be squeezed, so you don’t overextend your low back.

Wide Lunge Stretch

Lunge, knee off the ground

Keeping your hands on the mat, lunge your front foot out and slightly to the side. Your front foot should be near in-line with your hands. From here straighten your rear leg.

Lunge, knee on ground

If the stretch above is too intense or your arms get tired, then drop your knee to the ground.

Hold each stretch for 2 minutes on each side. Focus on squeezing your rear glute on both stretches, to actively open up your hips and prevent your low back from overextending. 

Happy Stretching!



3 thoughts on “How to Maximize Glute Activation

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