Glute Focused Hotel Workout

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November 25, 2012 by Katie

Here’s a quick workout that you can do anywhere.

Make sure you take your time on this workout and focus on your technique. You should be thinking about squeezing your glutes on every rep. The more you squeeze your glutes, the more you’ll feel them the next day. Especially at the top of the bridge and split squat. Also, the push-up utilizes the glutes too, so squeeze them hard to create a long body that rises and descends at the same time.

Complete 4 rounds of:

15 push-ups
15 split squats- regular or rear foot elevated
20 sit-ups
25 bridges

If you’re not sure what a rear foot elevated split squat is, check below. If you don’t have the resources to perform this movement, then clickΒ hereΒ for an explanation on how to perform a regular split squat. You can sub either for this workout.

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat:



To start, find a couch or cushioned bench that comes to knee height. Once found, find your balance and put your rear foot onto it.

Pogo Forward

Pogo Forward

From here, you will want to pogo forward on your front leg until you reach a distance that allows you to drop into the bottom position without your front knee tracking over your toe.

After this position is established, lock out both legs and stand tall. This is the start position.



From the start position, descend your knee to the floor, keeping your torso upright and your rear glute squeezed. If you feel your rear quad on fire, refer back to my post on stretching your hip flexors. They’re tight and need some extra love. This movement will actually help to stretch them while giving you a good glute workout. Win win.

Bottom Position

Bottom Position

After your knee kisses the ground or gets close to it, drive through your front heel back to the start position.

Extras on the rear foot elevated split squat:

*Keep your chest upright at all times. If your chest starts to pitch forward it’s most likely happening due to your rear leg being tight: short hip flexors, tight psoas, and quads. Go to the depth in which you can keep your torso upright and your rear glute squeezed (this pushes your hip forward helping to keep your torso upright). Over time your tissues will adapt to this new position, stretching along the way and getting you to full depth in no time. Remember, maintaining your technique is more important than your depth.

*To increase your balance position your front leg out to the side a bit. This widens your base, giving you more stability.

*My hands are on my hips, but feel free to straighten them out in front of yourself to add another element of balance.

Good luck on this one! I felt my booty the next day and loved it!



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