Why should you train your glutes?


November 30, 2012 by Katie

Because you want this:

Training Required

Training Required

But besides wanting the most delicious backside ever, by training your glutes, you raise your metabolism by adding more muscle mass to your frame. This is important because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. In other words, by adding mass to the largest muscles in your body, you effectively become a fat burning machine.

Along with the aesthetic based reasons for training your glutes, structurally and athletically it’s important too. Your glutes stabilize your pelvis in a neutral position, which is critical for creating a safe and effective spinal position.  For example, if you don’t squeeze your butt at the top of the squat, you will always default into an hyperextended position as you initiate the movement.

You can actually test this out: Stand tall and squeeze your glutes as hard as you can. This automatically puts your pelvis into a neutral position, takes pressure off of your low back, and allows you to stabilize your abdomen.

Now, you can’t walk around all day with your butt squeezed so you need to lock in the position by engaging your core, or as Kelly Starrett would say, “getting your belly tight.”

Athletically, the glutes are your go muscles. They propel you forward, decelerate your forward motion, are responsible for quick changes in direction, and create the essential power needed for jumping. An athlete with strong glutes can generate more force and has a decreased susceptibility to injury.

Clearly sprints do a booty good

Clearly sprints do a booty good

In conclusion, train your glutes if you want to be more explosive, PR in the gym, avoid back injury, burn more calories, and build a bubble butt.

My next post will describe the glute bridge, one exercise of many that I recommend you add to your sessions.



2 thoughts on “Why should you train your glutes?

  1. Hi Bug,
    This is an awesome site. I have a similar journey, in the sense that I have had a difficult
    time isolating my glutes and overdeveloping Quads. Unfortunatly I trashed my knees in the process. Any ideas on Glute exercises that are knee friendly?
    Thaks for your help, Doug

    • kddeluca says:

      Hey Doug! Try working on your glute activation with body weight exercises such as; bridges, bird dogs, rear leg lifts, etc. Also, when you perform more quad dominate movements like the squat or the lunge, make sure your knees are behind your toes, keeping your shins vertical. On the squat, be sure to initiate your movement with hips back first. This will take pressure off the knees and put the work back on the glutes.

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