Overhead Plate Reverse Lunges


July 16, 2013 by Katie

Plate Overhead Reverse LungesToday I wanted to share with you one of my favorite full body exercises: Reverse lunges from a step, using a weighted plate overhead.

These require serious flexibility, but once mastered, they provide a killer burn and bum. I’m a huge fan of reverse lunges because they always leave me with a sore booty, rather than sore quads. When you add a step to this exercise (in my photo you will see that I used a 6 inch Armor Plyo Box) it will target your glutes more compared to flat ground, which is great for forcing your glutes to hit a deeper range. When you fully stretch a muscle group, then add load to that end range position, you will target a new area that may not have been worked before. Without weight this will leave you sore, but with weight it will take your soreness to the next level. Now, you don’t need to be so sore that you can’t sit on the toilet to see gains, but sometimes feeling your workout is nice for the mental component.

Give these a try! If you’re new to reverse lunges, start without a step on flat ground. Work up to easily completing sets of 20, then add a low box or weight plate to step off of. After you master sets of 20 off the box, it’s time to add weight. Add a plate overhead like the photo above or hold a dumbbell in the goblet position. Add these to your lifting program or make your workout centered around them, like this one:

Complete 3-4 rounds of:Β 

1 min of reverse lunges with or without a plate overhead

1 min of bridges

1 min of burpees or up downs

1 min rest

Happy Lunging!



2 thoughts on “Overhead Plate Reverse Lunges

  1. Will have to give them a try the position looks similar to the Bulgarian split squats. I’m guessing any weight will do, I don’t have plates 😦

    • kddeluca says:

      @continualfitness- yes, they’re similar to the split squats, only they take another level of flexibility because you’re placing a weight overhead. This immediately highlights your shoulders range! I do a few pvc pass throughs and shoulder warm-ups before diving into these. If you don’t have a weight plate, use a barbell with a wider grip (think snatch width), 1 dumbbell, a med ball, or even a child. Thanks for the comment!

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