Train. Destroy Donuts. Sleep.


July 29, 2013 by Katie


This week I’ve been in LA having a whirl wind of fun! I’ve been hanging with my girlfriend Nesta, watching her perform, supporting Becoming a Supple Leopard at the CrossFit Games, designing costumes for Burning Man, beaching it, getting my workout on, and smashing some great food! Hence, the Fonuts I posted a few pictures of. After about a year of drooling over the Fonuts, we decided we’d trek to their shop and give them a try.

24 Fonuts, 2 coffees, and $60 later we were winning! These gluten free, dairy free donuts were delicious!! The chocolate sprinkled ones were my favorite and I justified every bite with how hard I trained earlier in the day.

If I’m going to eat some treats, I always make sure to get in some exercise before getting after it with the carbs. If I don’t have much time to get a workout in, then I bring my kettlebell into the kitchen and perform goblet squats while my cookies are in the oven. Bammm. No excuses. Getting work done.

Do something, even if it’s wrong. Your body needs and wants to move.



2 thoughts on “Train. Destroy Donuts. Sleep.

  1. cindyoji says:

    Nice Katie Bug! *Drooling* while reading the post…the Fonuts look like some yummy goodness!

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