A TV Watching Glute Workout


October 23, 2013 by Katie

Sometimes you just have to get a workout in. You don’t need to go all hardcore and set records, you just need to get some movement in for your body’s sake.

I don’t know about you, but at my house it’s movie night, every night. Rather than miss out on a cool movie by going to the gym (my garage), I often bury my workouts in while watching TV, cooking dinner, playing with Bee, Facebooking, and the list goes on. Here’s what I did last night:

1 arm db workout

Yep, 100 Reverse Lunges with a dumbbell overhead. It looks like this:

1 arm db overhead

This movement will require some coordination and balance, so play with it and don’t be afraid to go lighter than usual to master the technique. Here are a few things to keep in mind while performing the single arm overhead reverse lunge:

*Step far enough back, so your front knee is behind your toe.

*Your shoulder should be close to your ear, so think about driving the dumbbell up towards the ceiling.

*For balance, put your opposite arm out to the side (shown in my picture) and take wider steps back.

*If you still feel wobbly, perform forward walking lunges instead of the stationary reverse lunges.

*If you have tight shoulders, this movement will be difficult. Roll out your lats and mobilize your shoulders before attempting this movement. If a 2-5 minute roll session on your lats doesn’t help, then keep the dumbbell on your shoulder, in the front rack position.

*Brace your abs the entire time.

Good luck with this workout! And fill me in on some good movies and shows!



6 thoughts on “A TV Watching Glute Workout

  1. gjereb53 says:

    Thanks for the tips!  I will definitely try it out.

    Sent from Samsung tablet

  2. Natalie Switzer says:

    I wasn’t much of a blog reader until now! I love this. I have to ask though, do you have run days? If so what kind of mileage?

    • kddeluca says:

      Natalie, thank you!! I don’t have long run days, but I sprint 1-3x a week and go for daily walks (30-50 mins). Mainly I stick to shorter barefoot sprints in the grass. I spend 5-15 mins on sprint work, keeping my distances to 50-150m with all out intensity. I rest as needed in between sprints and judge how much I’ll do by how I feel. I hope this helps!

      • Natalie Switzer says:

        That’s great. We just moved and don’t have all of our stuff super available. Just trying to feel out what I can do with a 2yo and not a lot of weight, and sprints sound about right.

      • kddeluca says:

        Sprints will save you time! Maybe you can carry her while you lunge? 🙂

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