6 CrossFit Workouts for the Booty. Arms Not Included.


November 14, 2013 by Katie

Here are 6 circuits focused around building your booty! The only time you’ll use your upper body is when you need to stabilize a weight overhead, hold the dumbbell in the goblet position, or for a few snatches. Most of my own workouts include minimizing the amount of direct arm work, since 7 years of CrossFit gave me enough muscle mass in my upper traps, triceps, lats, and shoulders to last a lifetime.

Please check the warm-up exercise link below in the key, to remind you what the movements are.


Warm-up Exercises

L/R= perform the exercise on the left and right side. For example; 10 split squats L/R means 10 split squats on the left and 10 split squats on the right.

Workout 1:


KB Complex. Only set the kb down during your 1 min rest. Perform the reverse lunges with the kb in the goblet position.

Workout 2:

photo 2

Snatches should be taken from the deck, but if you’re new to the movement, start the snatch from the hang position. When I did this workout, I started my back squats at 65lbs and added 10 pounds every round. This made it so my last set of 10 back squats was at 95lbs.

Workout 3:

photo 3

Perform bird dogs without using your arms. This will turn them into kick backs, using only the legs. If single leg squats are too hard, then use a structure to help pull yourself up from the bottom position or sub them for 10 weighted squats. For the step-ups, the barbell should be placed on your back. Reverse lunge from a step to make the exercise more challenging or lunge without a step if they are hard enough using weight.

Workout 4:

photo 1

If you don’t have a rower, sub the 1000m row for 5 mins of jump roping or an 800m run. When you get to the rear foot elevated split squats, complete 10 each side, switching off until you get to 100. Feel free to go back and forth between hip thrusts and split squats until all reps are completed.

Workout 5:

photo 2

Split squat jumps are the same thing as jumping lunges. Jump from the lunge position with the right leg forward to the lunge position with the left leg forward, making sure to jump high between reps. If these are a challenge, stick to split squats without the jump.

Workout 6:

photo 3

On the minute workouts will make you push hard, so you can rest the remainder of the minute. For this workout, set a timer to run, while you work up to 7 minutes. At the start of each minute, perform 7 heavy kb swings, 3 broad jumps for distance, and a short 50 m sprint. If you finish this in 30 sec, great, then you get 30 sec left to rest until your next minute is up. You will complete 7 rounds of this workout. If you don’t have a clock to go on the min, then just rest 30-45 sec in between each round.


goblet squats


One thought on “6 CrossFit Workouts for the Booty. Arms Not Included.

  1. Kayla says:

    Katie Bug! These are awesome…today I did workout 2 and my legs were toast…keep up the posts! Lovin’ all this awesome stuff

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