Primal Blueprint Retreat Recap


November 18, 2013 by Katie

I just wrapped up a weekend retreat with the Primal Blueprint team. What a stellar weekend it was. I’ve been left with this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and inspiration. Blessed to be part of a health movement that it so dear to my heart and amazed to see the changes that find people in only one weekend.

The Primal Retreat is meant to catapult you into the balanced lifestyle that we preach, but it is so so so much more than just the diet and exercise. This weekend is healing. It awakens people. It makes them realize that they too can overcome the obstacles in their life that are holding them back from their vision of health and wellness. And although it may start with nutrition, it most certainly does not end there. Being healthy is so much more than just eating real food. And every one is on their own path to wellness, whether that be making the choice to change jobs to reduce your stress, changing your all or nothing extreme exercise attitude, inviting more nature into your life, divorcing toxic relationships, or just saying, “fuck it world”, this is me and I’m doing it because I want to.

I felt many people found their answers this weekend. I’ve grown, they’ve grown, and our team has walked away with a bigger vision and excitement for what the Paleo/Primal future holds. Change is happening and this weekend showed me that people are conscious and ready to take charge with the health of themselves, their neighbors, our communities, and ultimately making our world a better place for all.

I cannot thank my team enough; Vanessa Lambert, Adam Lambert, Cindy Oji, Liz Mostaedi, and Mark Sisson.


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2 thoughts on “Primal Blueprint Retreat Recap

  1. Michelle says:

    Where is this retreat??

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