Ergonomics Expo


December 6, 2013 by Katie

Yesterday, I attended the Ergonomics Expo with my fiance, Glen. We went to see all the new products that Focal Upright Furniture is producing and to gather information for his upcoming book, Deskbound. Just check out the portable stool (Mogo) and complete workstation they designed:

Picture 1 Picture 2

It really doesn’t get any better than this! These stools are designed for you to lean against, allowing you to keep the hips open (in a near standing position), but still have support. If any of you have ever stood all day, you know that it can become tiring and really hard to stay in a good position. This is exactly where these stools come in. They allow you to reap all the benefits of standing, as well as give you the support you need when you want to take a break. I’m super impressed by their newest stool, the Mogo. It is lightweight (weighs only 2lbs), super portable (can easily go back and forth between the office and home), can be used outside (the rubber ball on the end can be reversed for outdoor use) and has a killer price point at $100. Currently, Focal Upright Furniture is running a holiday sale that will give you the Mogo with your purchase of their Locus Desk. And, bonus, here’s Glen’s affiliate code for an even further discount: AFFGS102813.

I’m overly impressed with Focal and it’s easy to see that they’re leaders in the upright furniture industry. Overall, I enjoyed the Ergonomics Expo, the people I met, and was amazed by all the upcoming office products that are being developed to encourage activity in the workplace!

If you’re new to the idea that while working in front of the computer you must move every fifteen minutes, then you might want to get with the times and throw out your chair as it discourages your movement and places you in a poor position (i.e., shoulders rounded forward, neck forward position, sitting on your tail bone, etc.).

I’ve been diving into the research surrounding sitting and it’s scary to see how it negatively effects your health and your mobility (full range of motion at each joint). It is literally taking years off your life. Did you know that sitting 6+ hours a day makes you up to 40% likelier to die within 15 years compared to someone who sits less than 3? And even scarier, it doesn’t matter if you exercise. Your end of the day training routine will not undo your day of sitting. And this folks, is why sitting is dead to me. Along with the fact that sitting all day causes, gasp, gluteal amnesia!! Aghhh, sitting makes your glutes forget how to fire correctly and they end up turning off! Not good for swimsuit season.

But, forgetting my vain reasons for being against the chair, sitting is causing a whole host of problems, that are independent of your genes, exercise routine, nutrition plan, stress, sleep, smoking habits, obesity, and more. Sitting is its own risk factor! And it is leading to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, all types of cancers, higher LDL cholesterol, lowered HDL cholesterol, and a body that becomes stiff and less mobile!

This is not a good scene and I’m so glad to see that the trends in the workplace are moving towards standing desks, computer screens at eye level, stools, vertical mouses, and creating an active office environment. It will take some time for this change to happen in all offices, so for now, it’s up to you! Take charge of your office and do the best you can to change things around so you are moving more often throughout the day. Set timers to remind you to move, install a pull-up bar, get some bands for stretching, go for a few short walks, do some push-ups under your desk, split squats between emails, just move. And most importantly, treat sitting and standing as a skill (always practice perfect posture) and pay attention to improving your movement at all times.




5 thoughts on “Ergonomics Expo

  1. […] one of the best solutions for an office worker. If you’re searching for a stool, check out my Ergonomics Expo blog post to see the Mogo I use from Focal Upright Furniture. It’s a perfect lean to stand […]

  2. Eric Wyles says:

    Katie, do you have any information on how to use the affiliate code you posted to get a discount? I went through their online ordering process and there was no way to enter it, and it doesn’t work as a coupon code.

    I am looking at the Locus Seat to use with my standing desk at work. Thanks for all the great information on your blog.

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