6 Stretches to do at your Desk


January 11, 2014 by Katie

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw me squatting in front of my desk on my new, high tech, Armor Plyo Box chair. As I help compile research for my fiance Glen’s upcoming book; Deskbound, I’m starting to learn that sitting is one of the worst things for your health. Compared to sitting, standing is a better option, but only if you stand with perfect posture. And for those of you who stand all day, you know that it can get tiring. So if standing improperly is just as bad as sitting, then what is the best solution for office workers?

The next best thing would be to get your computer to eye level and practice your standing postureΒ as well as purchase a stool to lean against throughout the day. A stool placed at a standing workstation offers one of the best solutions for an office worker. If you’re searching for a stool, check out my Ergonomics Expo blog post to see the Mogo I use from Focal Upright Furniture. It’s a perfect lean to stand option.

Although, I love the Mogo and it travels effortlessly, I really wanted my workspace to be more active. I decided to switch out my stool for the armor plyo box because it forces me to move every 15-20 minutes, provides me with multiple sit to stand options, allows me to sit crossed legged or squat, and it gives me options for mobilizing in front of my computer.

Now that I’m not in the gym every day coaching, I don’t move and stretch as much as I use to. Unfortunately, I’m starting to feel the effects of working in front of the computer all day by how stiff I’m becoming. I hate it. It makes my back hurt because my hips and hamstrings get tight from sitting, it’s starting to destroy my shoulder and thoracic spine mobility, I constantly have to check my hideous forward neck position, and my forearms and wrists get exhausted from typing. This alters how I perform in the gym and not in a good way. Having tight tissues makes my warm-ups longer, my recovery shittier, increases my chances of getting injured, and changes the way I move. So Lame. The only way for me to combat all this, is by moving more throughout the day, hitting full range positions at each joint, and mobilizing as much as I can.

Here are 6 stretches that I’ve been doing at my desk, with my Armor Plyo Box:




Hamstring Stretch


Pigeon Pose, Hip Stretch


Hip Flexor Stretch


Calf Stretch


Forearm and Wrist Stretch

I rotate through these stretches all day. These ones don’t take a ton of conscious effort, which is a plus when you’re reading and trying to process work stuff! Also, I must mention that I don’t do just static stretches, I make sure to foam roll and mobilize (a form of self-massage/trigger point therapy) with my Yoga Tune Up Balls,Β lacrosse balls, and I also get movement in by doing pull-ups, lunges, and other exercises throughout the day! If you’re looking for more ideas on how to use a lacrosse ball and foam roller, please check out Kelly Starrett’s and my fiance’s amazing book, Becoming a Supple Leopard!

Avoid the sitting disease and move more!



32 thoughts on “6 Stretches to do at your Desk

  1. GeorginaSasha says:

    Way to go Katie! πŸ™‚

  2. I like this, turning an otherwise sedentary deal into a body healthy activity πŸ™‚

  3. stephcormier says:

    OMG I need those boxes… I sit all day and only get up to pee 😦

  4. Nesta! says:

    Awesome ideas!! Move move move!

  5. paulus says:

    i love your commitment to the cause of healthy living missy!

  6. kddeluca says:

    If you’re wanting more on proper standing mechanics, check this out: http://www.mobilitywod.com/2011/06/episode-274-the-standing-athlete/

  7. Hannah says:

    Can I ask about the desk you have? If you can share where I might be able to find one…was it something from Focal?

  8. Chris says:

    What components make up the chair / box? It’s a little unclear from your photos and post.


  9. chgnad says:

    Where is your desk from? I’m also looking for a good standup desk.

  10. chgnad says:

    Where is the desk from? I’m also looking for a good standup desk. Sorry if this is posted 2x

  11. Jill Miller says:

    Thanks for the shout out Katie! This looks exactly like me at my local Peet’s coffeehouse while writing. I stand at their coffee bar and use my still to position my hips in all manner of eyebrow raising positions. I also switch it up an place my YTU Balls under my feet, OR sit on the stool and squirm around on my YTU Balls while writing. The movement helps keep me writing, and the movement prevents me from stiffening up with all of the hours at my laptop.

  12. This is a great idea to recommend to my clients in my massage practice since I work with a lot of desk workers

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