Brazil Pictures And Workout


March 18, 2014 by Katie

It feels damn good to be home on American soil! After two weeks in Brazil for Carnival, I can’t tell you how lush my bed feels or how satisfying good espresso tastes. I’m finally getting back into the groove of things and knowing that I’ll be stationary in Las Vegas for a few weeks makes getting things done way easier. Follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates and to see what I’m cooking!

Back to Brazil, I had so much fun and did I mention all the gorgeous Brazilian women I saw?! Just check out these stunning costumes and gorgeous, curvaceous women from Carnival:

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These ladies clearly have a solid squat routine and dance their asses off to stay in shape! And, maybe their gene pool supports a rounder derriere. I can’t comment on their diets however. I wasn’t able to fully immerse myself into their food culture, although I ate a ton of Brazilian BBQ, Sushi, and Acai bowls!

Here’s a video that my girl, Vanessa over at put together, highlighting our trip. Check it out and feel the energy of Brazil during Carnival season! Also, be sure to check out Nesta’s blog on Carnival that gives insight to how Brazilian women hold themselves and how they’re portrayed in the media. You will quickly see that their image of beauty is inconsistent with American’s frail standards. Let’s all cross our fingers that big booties make a come back here in the states!

And, lastly here’s a workout that Nesta! and I did while traveling:

20 Glute bridges

10 Single leg glute bridges L/R

10 Rear foot elevated split squats L/R

10 Push-ups

Complete 4-5 Rounds


Glute Bridges


Single Leg Glute Bridges


Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats


Feet Elevated Push-ups

I hope you enjoyed these booty pics! I’m off to go do some more squats…..



2 thoughts on “Brazil Pictures And Workout

  1. Blaire says:

    Bout time you give this mommy something else to read 😜. Wow those women are gorgeous. Especially those two pictures at the end if the post 😘

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