Deskbound!! It’s HERE!!


April 26, 2016 by Katie


Deskbound: Now available everywhere books are sold.

Hello lovely readers! Sorry I’ve been mia as of late. My husband, Glen, has been working feverishly on finishing up his latest project and I’ve been full time cheerleader, sounding board, and chef…making sure Glen’s only task is to write. Fast forward to today and we’re super duper excited to announce that Deskbound is officially released!! Wooohoooooo!!!

Glen holding the baby for the first time.

Let me just tell you how amazing it feels to watch the Deskbound project bloom over the past few years into what it is today. It actually all started with Becoming a Supple Leopard. Glen teamed up with Kelly Starrett and helped write one of the best selling exercise books to date. It has absolutely changed the way people think of moving, technique, exercising, and taking care of their bodies. I no longer look at movement the same and because of the principles in Supple Leopard I am a healthier, less injured, more mobile human being. Kelly set the standard for technique and I adore the simplicity and immediate practicality of the entire system. To say I am a fan is an understatement.

Level up.

Level up.

Speed up three years to Deskbound, Glen and Kelly’s second book, and WOW. Polished, uber organized, beautiful photos, graphs, images, and densely filled with information…on every single page. The result of a solid team, this time with Juliet Starrett bringing it all together. Juliet and Kelly have been making waves in the school system, challenging the status quo and encouraging schools across the country to annie up for stand-up desks. I think this is pretty amazing. I know for me personally, I hated sitting in class all day! Thankfully in college I could stand and stretch in the back of my classes (go kinesiology!), but thinking back to grade school…I’m pretty sure I just fell asleep in my chair and waited for the bell to ring every day. Whoops…I believe my attention span would have been much better had I been standing and moving more, which also encourages a work flow around the classroom that I feel I would have thrived in. Fortunately, Stand Up Kids is finding that children are hugely benefitting from moving all day and decreasing the amount of time that they’re stuck sitting. Really great stuff and exciting to see Kelly and Juliet take charge and making change. Many classrooms are already outfitted with standing desks and the students and teachers are giving rave reviews. Check out the non-profit organization and support the kiddos sitting less and moving more at:


Juliet, showing how to move while at your standing desk. You have options beyond sitting and a fluffier chair.

I guess you could say that movement and health is near and dear to my heart. Just like Victory Belt Publishing. This behind-the-scenes team has been a source of inspiration for me since the day I met Glen 10 years ago and he introduced me to his good friend, room mate, martial arts training partner, travel buddy, writing mentor, and the president of Victory Belt, Erich Krauss. These two are one speed. All or nothing. And their work absolutely reflects this. Perfectionists, who give it their all, who now have an epic team that elevates one another. Victory Belt Publishing is full of hardworking driven people. Talented designers, intelligent editors, spirited marketers, and like-minded health enthusiasts, who have a passion for sharing wellness information through beautiful, picture filled books. It amazes me that every year the quality of books gets better and better. I’m more than happy to make room on my shelves for each publication and feel so fortunate that my favorite subject has a team of awesome people generating continuous resources for exercise and healthy habits. Deskbound is a reflection of these cohesive groups.


Victory Belt Publishing looking fresh.

One of my favorite things during the Deskbound writing process was observing all of the Victory Belt staff transition to standing desks. The book had the same effect on me. Once you’ve opened your eyes to sitting and how it can negatively effect your overall health, you start to view your chair and work environment very differently. You really start to think about how many hours a day you sit, the effects it has on your quality of life, how it blunts your exercise efforts, and suddenly you start to understand where all those aches and pains are stemming from. It changes you and you have no choice but to take charge of your own health and start making changes. Deskbound shows you the way. It will teach you about the perils of sitting, what the researchers are saying, how you should work at your desk, how you can combat mandatory sitting, which mobility prescriptions are best for you, and lots more. It’s filled with tid-bits of information and my first response to Glen after he had a copy for me to read was, “Whoah, I had no idea this is what you’ve been writing. There’s so much information in here!!” Even though I had been listening to Deskbound chatter all year, I still had no idea that Kelly, Juliet, and Glen had so much to say and I, so much to learn and put into practice.

RV life- stand-up desk

RV life! Working on the road and using Armor Plyo Boxes to elevate the laptop. 

Progress is happening though! Glen and I are both constantly working on becoming more conscious of our movement and we keep each other accountable for mobilizing. Ok, really if one person is rolling out the other just feels guilted into mobilizing too….but hey, it works! The funny thing is, now we’re to the point where our house has zero chairs and when we RV this summer, we’ve scheduled movement breaks along the drive. Yep, total nerds. Thankfully I’ve found my match and have some health nut friends that don’t make me feel too out of place 😉

Mobilizing on the road.

Traveling mobilizers. 

Speaking of homies, Kelly and Juliet Starrett are book touring this week!! Here’s a link of their Barnes and Noble tour schedule. Check them out, say hi, ask questions, and get your books signed!!

Deskbound Book Tour

Book Tour

I hope you adore the book, feel the passion that went into it, and it changes the way you think about sitting! Movement is key and if you need a little help, please visit Check out the Stand-Up Desk Set, it’s perfect for encouraging movement.

Georgina Sasha

Yay Deskbound!! Georgina has the optimal workspace dialed in! And look at those fancy Armor Plyo Boxes 🙂 

Want to see more photos of Deskbound and swoon over the dreamiest work space? Head on over to!




2 thoughts on “Deskbound!! It’s HERE!!

  1. Cheri Wiley says:

    Thanks for email/post. I sooooooooo want to get stand up desks for my classroom!!! That’s what happens when you cross a science teacher and a PE teacher 🙂

    If you know of any cheap ones out there . . . let me know!!

    Hope all is well w/you & Glen,



    • Katie says:

      Thanks so much for reaching out and reading!! Speaking of those standing desks…Juliet and Kelly (the authors that Glen works with) have a nonprofit organization that helps classrooms transition to standup desks. Check them out: I’m pretty sure they get the best deal and the desks are already being used in California classrooms. And we would love to contribute to your classroom!! We want to donate to standup kids and it would be great to donate to a class that is in our community. Perhaps I can put you in touch with Glen and then you and him can work out the details? Here’s his email: Hope you and the family are doing great! xo

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