Recipe: Kale Shake


May 11, 2016 by Katie

Kale shakes are a tricky one for me. Typically I end up spitting them out due to them being too bitter or a funky texture. Not this recipe though! My husband found the perfect blend and now we make this one every time! We’re big repeaters around our house. When we like something, we really like it. And this smoothie recipe is our favorite. Simple ingredients, low-ish in sugar, and quick to make.



1 frozen banana – prioritize the frozen banana…it really adds something special to the texture and taste of this smoothie. Make sure they’re always on hand by buying a few bundles and freezing them at peak ripeness.


1/2 lemon with rind intact (bulbous end removed) – cuts the bitterness of the greens and brightens the overall flavor. Shop for organic lemons, since you’ll be eating the rind.


2-4 cups/handfuls of Lacinato Kale – hands down the best variety to make kale shakes with. Even better when you de-stem the leaves as it also helps to cut the bitterness. To save time, prep and store your greens ahead of time.


1 cup frozen mangos – this fruit balances the entire shake. Use around a cup, but if you find your smoothie a little blah, add more mango chunks. It will up the sugar content, but sometimes taste is worth it. You be the decision maker there. Also, check out your local Costco, they typically have frozen, organic mangos in bulk.


6-8 ice cubes – a big handful should do the trick. It really depends on how smooth or thick you want your smoothie. I like mine pretty watery/drinkable, so 6 usually does the trick. Add more or less for your taste. And if you don’t have any ice on hand, it’s all good…this shake tastes great without ice too.

1-2 cups water – fill your blender up with enough water to blend the shake properly and give you the consistency that you’d like. It should be thicker than juice, but smooth to drink.



Blend, then blissfully drink up those nourishing greens.


Leftovers or short on time? Freeze your kale shake and blend a few pucks with water when you need a to fill your belly with something healthy! Quick, before you grab the ice cream or chips!


Extra Tip – double walled, insulated stainless steel cups level up the kale shake. They keep it extra cold for longer, your hands never feel the frost, you won’t feel rushed to drink it before it melts, and re-usable cups that are plastic free are all the rage. Winning!

Enjoy your greens! I hope this shake becomes your go-to as well!









2 thoughts on “Recipe: Kale Shake

  1. Kev says:

    Thank you for the recipe my CSA delivers a little of kale and this is the first kale shake that was drinkable

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