Glute Training – 2 Weeks of Workouts


August 22, 2017 by Katie

Hi! If you've been following me on Instagram, then you've been watching my workouts the past few weeks. Yay! Thanks for connecting with me here! Below I share the past two weeks of my workouts. Most were posted to my Instagram story, but I thought I'd post them here so they're more accessible full time.

All are glute focused. I have a background in CrossFit and I also love training my glutes, so you'll find these workouts meld both styles in a fun way! They're all circuit based, so after you warm-up, complete each circuit before moving onto the next. And if you're looking for glutes only, be sure to do the warm-up/glute activation circuits! They're all bodyweight, sometimes with a band added in for extra resistance. You can do them anywhere! Screen shot the white boards and get to training!

*Extras on the templates: This training program is a 4 week cycle, I workout 5 times per week and take 2 days off for active recovery – sauna, hike, mobilize, yoga, rest, or do nothing! If you wanted to repeat these workouts, you could absolutely do that for a month of training! Just change up the reps or add more resistance for variety! I've posted the workouts in the order that I've completed them. I recommend you do them in the same order, that way you're not doing similar movements back to back. Enjoy! And keep me posted on the gainzzz.



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    Thanks Bud!

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